Archive | November 10, 2017

A New Website Claims the Segwit2x Hard Fork Isn’t Going Away recently reported on an unknown software developer called Bitpico who stated the Segwit2x fork will still happen on November 15 as intended. Bitcoin proponents are not sure if the developer is serious but a new website has been published called Also read: Closing the Curtains On Segwit2x and the Following Aftermath A New Website […]

PlayKey Platform Declared Investment-Friendly by ICORating

ICORating, one of the leading blockchain startup rating agencies, has termed PlayKey’s decentralized cloud gaming platform as “Stable+” from the point of view of investing. In their report, ICORating representatives noted that PlayKey’s tokens are ideal for medium term investments, thanks to their healthy hype and low risk status. They justified their reason for rewarding […]

Bitcoin Gold Plans to Launch its Network on November 12

The fork called “Bitcoin Gold” (BTG) has been quite the mystery since it announced its plans to fork the Bitcoin network and change the currency’s consensus algorithm. According to the team, the fork took place on October 25, and the network was supposed to start on November 1. However, BTG developers didn’t finish the project’s […]

ICOs, Tiny IPOs, & OTC Securities, Oh My …

All early stage investing is risky and should be viewed through the same lens. Small IPOs, initial OTC listings, private equity/venture capital investments, crowdfunding, and even Initial Coin Offerings are all ways for early stage companies to raise c… Owner Wants to Revise Satoshi’s White Paper

Following the Segwit2x working group’s announcement to cancel the hard fork scheduled for next week, many shocked bitcoin proponents revealed their opinions on the web. Additionally, one of the administrators of, Theymos, wants the web portal’s recommended businesses such as wallet services and exchanges to pledge that “Bitcoin is not ruled by miners” or […]

Bee Token Begins Decentralized Future for Short-term Housing Rentals

Blockchain Powered Platform with Proven Business Model, Beenest Utilizes Bee Token Charging 0% Commission Returning Power Back to Hosts and Guests SAN FRANCISCO — NOVEMBER 10, 2017 — “Blockchain technology will disrupt many industries in the near future. We’re proud to announce that the Bee Token begins that disruption in the short-term housing rentals industry […]

Sensationalized Crypto News Coverage Will Pass, With Your Help

Cryptocurrency is fast-paced, volatile, and not for the faint of heart. Forks, suspended forks, and massive code bugs can all happen within literal weeks of one another. Such developments can feel overwhelming, and may make the space look unattractive to many. However, before both crypto-enthusiasts and skeptics cast judgement on the crypto space, it may be worth noting […]

Bitcoin Cash Up As Original Chain’s Price Recedes

The fork of Bitcoin from August 2017 known as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) surged over 30% on Friday according to industry price analysts at Coinmarketcap. This corresponded with a marked drop in the price of the original Bitcoin’s (BTC) price to its lowest point since the start of November. Analysts are attributing the redistribution to the […]