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Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD In Monstrous Uptrend

Key Points Bitcoin price rocketed higher above the $4000 level for a new high at $4098 against the US Dollar. There was a break above a crucial contracting and ascending triangle at $3765 on the 4-hours chart of BTC/USD (data feed from SimpleFX). Buying on dips towards the $3850 remain a good idea in the […]

Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – ETH/USD Pressured By Bitcoin

Key Highlights ETH price remained elevated above $280 against the US Dollar, but currently under pressure due to Bitcoin price rise. There was a break below a major bullish trend line with support at $303.50 on the 4-hours chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX). The pair is currently under pressure and may struggle to […]

Bitcoin just passed $4000 – TechCrunch

TechCrunchBitcoin just passed $4000TechCrunch24 hours ago the cryptocurrency was trading below $3,700. About an hour ago it surged passed $4,000 and has no signs of stopping. It’s now trading around $4,135.00. For reference, a week ago Bitcoin hit an all-time high as it passed $3,000 for the …80 Percent of Chinese Have Never Heard of […]

Obsidian Blockchain Messaging Platform Promotes Privacy and Secrecy

Privacy and security have become a rarity in the recent times as users of the internet, and other online applications are under constant threat of being compromised by the hackers or eavesdropped by government agencies. Many times hackers have made use of illegally gotten private information to compromise computers, emails, social media, bank accounts and […]

Lightning Network-capable Bitcoin Wallet Zap Will go in Public Beta Next Week

It looks as if Bitcoin users will soon be able to experiment with the Lightning Network. Zap, an LN-compatible Bitcoin wallet, announced its beta release not too long ago. This is a major development as far as Bitcoin scaling and improving transaction throughput are concerned. With SegWit activating in the near future, Zap comes at […]

XinFin Introduces TradeFinex in Africa, Will Announce ICO Soon

XinFin, the Ethereum driven permissioned Blockchain network has announced the successful completion of its Africa awareness drive. Held across three nations — Botswana, Zambia, and Kenya, the drive was focused on familiarizing buyers, sellers, and financiers to the new TradeFinex platform. The awareness drive and the following announcement about the launch of Internet of Things […]

Chinese Social Media Platforms Under Investigation Over Cyber Security Law

Few people will be surprised to learn most of China’s instant messaging services are currently under investigation. The government is investigating these social media networks for potential violations of the country’s cyber security law. The platforms affected include Weibo, WeChat, and Baidu, all three of which serve millions of users every single day. According to […]

Bitcoin Surpasses $4000, Reaches Another Milestone – Forbes

ForbesBitcoin Surpasses $4000, Reaches Another MilestoneForbesBitcoin surpassed $4,000 today, reaching its latest milestone and setting yet another all-time high. The cryptocurency, the world’s largest by market capitalization, reached as much as $4,000.93 during the session, according to figures provided by …Bitcoin surges to fresh record above $3500, beats gold amid the global market sell-offCNBCBitcoin shows […]

Alleged Distributor of NotPetya Ransomware Arrested in Ukraine

The NotPetya ransomware attack has caused damages on a global scale. No country was more affected than Ukraine, which is home to many ransomware types discovered throughout 2017. Local police officials have arrested a 51-year old man on suspicion of spreading the ransomware known as NotPetya. Although the arrest took place nearly a week ago, the […]

Moscow Exchange’s Central Depository Develops Prototype of a Native Digital Asset Wallet

The relationship between Russia and cryptocurrency has always been rather uneasy. The country has maintained an complicated relationship with cryptocurrency, ranging from almost embracing it to making it borderline illegal and all the way back to embracing it. The National  Settlement Depository  -which represents the largest exchange group in the country- is working on a blockchain […]

What is MyEtherShop?

Even though most people will agree that Ethereum has some of the more promising crypto technology under its hood, spending ETH on consumer products is still a major challenge compared with other currencies. Services such as MyEtherShop aim to slowly bridge that gap, and the project bears a few similarities to how All4BTC works for Bitcoin users. It […]

Bitcoin ‘Has No Intrinsic Value’ But Neither Does Fiat: Opinion – CoinTelegraph

Bitcoin ‘Has No Intrinsic Value’ But Neither Does Fiat: OpinionCoinTelegraphOver the past few years, throughout Bitcoin’s strong rallies and upward momentum, some economists have criticized Bitcoin for its lack of intrinsic value. Ironically, this is something that neither fiat or most of the world’s assets have. Economists …